Happy Clients = Happy Realtor

We feel so blessed to get to work with so many great people... who tend to refer us on to more great people... and then those people... well, you get the picture.

We are so happy to have chosen jonathan…

“Jonathan was nothing short of amazing throughout our entire house hunt. And he helped us secure the perfect home. He is a realtor who puts relationships first and truly wants the best for his clients. He was always positive, attentive, thorough in his research, and a pleasure to interact with. Jon worked around our schedules and ensured we were always informed and comfortable. Buying a house in the Toronto real estate market is a total rollercoaster, but Jon educated us on the house buying process, answered our endless questions, and guided us through each step of the way with calm reassurance. His insights and patience helped us through our negotiations and helped us buy our dream house. You can trust that Jon will work tirelessly to find you a home. We are so happy to have chosen Jon to help us along this journey and would absolutely recommend choosing him for your house hunt.”

Lindsay + Sam | Buyer |

With his guidance we ended up in a house that we’re grateful for…

“Securing a house in Toronto is not easy. Decisions are made quickly and after spending 10-15 minutes in each house you view - seeing multiples within one evening, you ‘might’ be lucky enough to be put into a situation whereby you are required to make a massive financial decision.

With Dave at our side throughout this process, we turned to him many times asking him if the house we were about to bid on was ‘worth it’ and – more importantly, asked him to reiterate what he saw in the house that caught our eye. With this guidance we ended up in a house that we’re grateful for each and every day. And as we discover new aspects of our home, Dave’s voice is in our ears for he had noticed these aspect well before we did.  

Dave is incredibly knowledgeable, thinks strategically based on what is right for ‘you’, and offers a perspective that is of extensive value (and can be hard to find). He treats you like you’re his most important client and we will continue to recommend Dave to anyone we can!  

Should you be looking to buy or sell a house in Toronto, trust us – Dave Dutton is worth it!” 

Chris, Laura + Kate | Leslieville to Leaside

He made us feel like VIP clients…

“Working with Dave to buy our first home was the best decision we could have made. From beginning to closing (and beyond), Dave took charge of a daunting and stressful process, made us feel assured at every turn, and even made it fun along the way. We especially appreciated his focus from the outset on understanding who we were and the lifestyle we wanted. It sometimes felt like he knew us better than we knew ourselves!

Dave has an excellent knowledge of the market, a sharp eye for details and defects, and a great design sense. All these qualities helped us hone in on the kind of house we wanted - and when we found the right one, Dave expertly guided us through the bidding and closing processes. He always made time for us, and was always considerate of our schedules. He made us feel like VIP clients, and went way above and beyond what we had expected from an agent. Even in the days after we moved in, there was Dave, lending us lockboxes, helping us coordinate some flooring work, and even grabbing a tool and installing some shelving.”

Will + Genie | Buyers | parkdale

I needed someone I could trust implicitly…

“I met Dave when he sold my neighbour's house in Toronto. I couldn't believe the dedication and effort that he put into preparing that house for sale. We moved from Toronto in 2016. When I became the executor of my uncle's estate last year and had to sell his home in Toronto, I needed someone I could trust implicitly to look after all the details involved with selling a home.

Dave knows the Toronto market inside and out. He provided expert advice on how to position the property, price point and how much to invest in improvements.Not living in the city and trying to sell a home presents its own unique set of circumstances. Dave was the voice of reason and calm. He coordinated everything for me and sold the house for 32% over asking!

What more could you ask for? If you're looking for an excellent agent, don't even bother calling someone else.”

Bruce Maxwell | SELLER | Downtown

We would highly recommend David…

“David is extremely professional but also maintains a nice balance of personal relationship during the home sale & purchase process.

He is very hands on and goes above and beyond to ensure his clients homes present in the best possible way to the market and to make sure you are getting exactly what you want in a new home investment.

He is extremely knowledgeable which proves very helpful when making decisions to move forward with presenting offers to properties.

We would highly recommend David for his expertise, dedication, flexibility and listening skills!”

Stephanie + Jonathan | Sellers | Leslieville

He sold our home like a boss…

“Our enthusiasm for David’s work ethic, as well as the experience of having him sell our home and get us a bigger and better one, is unparalleled. David is a champ. Plain and simple. My wife and I are truly appreciative, and our kids adore him. I could go on and on for this testimonial (and in previous drafts I have). But perhaps it’s best to keep this tight. He sold our home like a boss and went in to our soon-to-be-new-home sprinkling pixie dust over the seller’s eyes. Quite impressive.

We recommend Dutton + Co. to anyone looking for a kick ass experience in reality. We put our trust in him and he came up golden. We love you David!! Thank you!!”

Paul, Heather, JoJo & K-Jackson | buy+sell | Leslieville

I can’t imagine real estate agents with more heart and knowledge…

“Dave and Socrates teamed up to offer us a real estate experience that exceeded all of our expectations. 

With selling our home they made our home look stunning and were patient ensuring they negotiated the best deal for us. 

Making a huge lifestyles change by moving our family from the suburbs and into the Toronto market they took the time to truly know our lifestyle. They guided us through the complex market keeping us on track the entire time.  They found the perfect home for us and even continued to offer their support while we personalized our home. 

I can’t imagine real estate agents with more heart and knowledge than Dave and Soc’s. They turned what was expected to be an overwhelming experience into one that was smooth and fun!”

Brett, Krista, Kierra + caiden | Buyer+seller | Bloor w

Buying a house for the first time was our largest financial decision as family, and we were terrified of making a mistake.

“With Dave, from the first meeting through offer night, renovations, move in and right through to settling into the neighbourhood we were exceptionally well looked after. If you want someone who is not only an unrivalled professional, but also genuinely cares about your family, and your investment, Dutton and Co is for you. “


David is hands down the best real estate agent in the business. 

“David is hands down the best real estate agent we know in the business. He fully understands the needs of the client and is able to skillfully guide and help clients navigate the complex and dynamic housing market. At every stage of the buying and selling process, David put his heart and soul into ensuring we purchased the right home for us and sold our existing home at the best price. He is a vast wealth of knowledge, always willing to help, and a true pleasure to work with. 

We absolutely recommend David’s services to anyone seeking to enter the market.”

Jina + jonathan | Buyers/Sellers | Upper beach

From the get go we were at ease

“After our first meeting with David we knew he was the guy for us. From the get go we were at ease. His knowledge of the market is extensive, and he worked with us closely to determine the best time to sell. It was so important to us to have someone we could count on as we were selling to move to another province. He made what has previously been a very stressful process a straightforward and comfortable experience. We were so impressed rested with the care we received with David and his team that we referred him to our own family, who were planning a move. Thank you David for meeting and exceeding all of our expectations."

   Scott + Rachel | Seller | East York

David Dutton is so much more than a real estate agent. 

“He’s a trusted advisor, building expert, interior decorator, master negotiator, investment advisor and most importantly, he is a straight shooter. Our experience with Dave was nothing short of remarkable. We gave him a very difficult challenge (long list of requirements on a fixed budget) and he over delivered. Thanks to Dave, Laura and I are confident that Dave helped us make the right decision for our family home.”

   Chris+Laura | Buyers | Leslieville

Prior to working with David it is fair to say that I did not like realtors or the industry as a whole...

“My outlook has completely changed. David under promised and over delivered in every way. He pushed us away from houses that would not have worked for us. He gave us the space we needed to obtain our forever home. More incredibly, he rolled up his sleeves and helped us where we needed it to get our old place ready to sell. From the initial move of boxes to storage, to changing wall sconces, to touching up paint for the final showings, he was involved and adding sweat equity to our former home. On top of that, every single one of David’s referrals (movers, carpenter etc.) came through and exceeded expectations.

Everyone has a realtor they want to recommend – but I would be shocked if any of them work as hard as David.”

Morgan+Sarah | Sellers and Buyers | Leslieville

dutton+Co should be your first, second and third choice.

“It's all about exceeding expectations in every way. David took as much time as necessary to keep us informed and answered every question we had, he went above and beyond getting our house ready (looked incredible) before it went up for sale, guided us to make the best and most important purchase of our lives and made sure everything went seamlessly from beginning to end. I am so grateful for everything he has done and I am even more grateful that we couldn't be happier in our new home."

     Rich+Suzanne | Sellers and buyers | hunt club

I'll keep it short and sweet. YOU’RE THE BOMB! 

“Our home buying and selling experience with you was absolutely top notch. As you now know Stacey and I are fairly demanding and always have our eye on the details. You were always one step ahead of us, which isn't easy. Once we learned that, it made everything quite a lot less stressful knowing that you had our backs. We would often say "Oh... so this is what it's like to have an agent working for you"… After working with so many bad agents in the past, we can confidently say you are a true professional. I wish we could just keep buying property so we could keep working together, it was truly a fun and enjoyable experience.”

     Ken+Stacey | Sellers and Buyers | East York

The testimonials were true.

“Not only are you an amazing agent but you're a damn good dude. Thanks so much.... for everything. We found our home and we couldn't have done it without your expert guidance. A thousand thanks!!!!"

     Odin+Leslie | Buyers | Pelham Park

It’s hard to express how grateful we are to David Dutton for finding our first home.

“From his tireless dedication to his data-driven recommendations, we were blown away by his professionalism and genuine concern for our needs. He’s an expert in Toronto’s turbulent real estate market, and understands the trends well ahead of the pack. You’re not just getting the numbers, you’re getting the insight that makes the numbers make sense. In David, we found more than just an agent- we found a real friend. If you’re looking for a real estate agent who will put you first every time, and for someone who will put in a super-human effort to find you the right property, look no further than David."

     Graeme+Laura | Buyers | Leslieville

David Dutton is a consummate professional.

“He goes the extra mile many times over when working with you. Our search never missed a beat and our expectations were far exceeded by David. I would highly recommend David's services to anyone looking for Real Estate. His knowledge and detailed analysis were extremely helpful every step of the way."

     Jim+Sarah | Buyers | Riverdale

Then we met Dave and suddenly everything seemed possible.

“First and foremost, those of you who read reviews are probably most concerned about the bottom line. "Did your agent find a home that you love, in the neighbourhood that you love, for a price that you can afford?" "Did your agent sell your property for fair, or even above market value?" With Dave, the answer to both of these questions was an emphatic YES.

He took us on a journey that spanned 4 months, through the "recon" phase, to the "there's a house that just came out and we need to see it before anyone else" phase, to the "let's run the numbers and put an offer phase" to the "OMG we did it phase." We are absolutely in love with our new home and that is almost entirely due to Dave's efforts. After we closed on our home, Dave also demonstrated a keen expertise in his staging, photography and advertising efforts in selling our condo. We were prepared to wait a couple of weeks and accept an asking price offer. Instead, we were blown away by offer after offer, 6 in total, and a selling price that was well above market value. Through Dave's guidance, acumen and hard work, we set a record for the sale price of our type of condo in our building!

Then there's everything else that Dave brings to the table. Dave is quite possibly the hardest working man I know. 7 days a week, 7 am texts and emails, 11 pm offer nights, answering his phone/email at any time of the day or night, painting our condo when his painter was unavailable. He's really busy, but he makes you feel like you are his only client. And throughout it all, his positivity never wavers. If you're feeling down or discouraged, I highly recommend an afternoon with Dave and his infectious energy. Better than any Frappuccino. Dave also genuinely cares about us, our family and our money. Dave spent most of our search telling us why we should not buy the houses we were looking at because they were not the perfect fit. I've never seen an agent actively work against himself so thoroughly. He clearly was not commission focused. One of Dave's favourite sayings is that he treats your money like his own. I believe him thoroughly.

Then there's his thoughtfulness. Dave gave us a Christmas gift. Dave was one of the first people to congratulate us on the birth of our child. I don't drink, so Dave gave us a cheese platter for a celebratory snack. Dave dropped off freezies at our house just because summer is hot. Finally, Dave offered to help us with anything we needed after I returned to work and my wife had to stay home with our newborn daughter, just because he lived close by. He's that kind of guy, a guy my wife and I consider to be more than an agent, but a friend.

So thanks Dave, we appreciate your real estate savvy, your hardworking professionalism and most importantly, you. If you are looking to complete any real estate transaction in Toronto we cannot recommend Dave highly enough! He'll help make one of the most important decisions in your life one of the best decisions in your life."

  Sam+Mel | Sellers and buyers | Upper beach

he surpassed all of our expectations every step of the way…

“As first time homebuyers, David did an outstanding job of walking us through the buying process step by step, and was always available to answer our many questions along the way. As busy professionals, we thoroughly appreciated the quality and timeliness of his advice. His knowledge and attention to detail is only surpassed by his passion for real estate and commitment to his clients. Without hesitation we have, and will continue, to refer people to David - he surpassed all of our expectations every step of the way!!”

Drew+Kelly | Buyers | Leslieville

What really sets Dave apart, other than the fact he is a really nice guy, is the methodology he brings to the whole process of buying and selling.  

“The price we listed our condo at as well as the price we bid on our house were based on a whole range of factors - so when Dave explained the numbers to us they made absolute sense.

Dave was very patient with us and helped us figure out what we really wanted and needed in a house. Dave always had our best interests in mind, particularly when we wanted to spend more on properties that were overpriced! Dave was always the voice of reason and helped us make the right decision for us. He made sure we never felt rushed or pressured.

Dave also went above and beyond in selling our condo. He has a tremendous attention to detail and helped us de-clutter, stage and move extra furniture out of our condo. We got top dollar for our condo and it sold in 4 days.

We would recommend Dave to anyone who needs a real estate agent. He was wonderful to work with and we continue to rave about him to our friends and family!"

     tj+shabnum | Sellers and buyers | leslieville

Choosing David Dutton to sell my mom's house was absolutely the best decision I could have made!

“From the very first meeting until the completed sale he was a gem!! Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated are a few words I would use to describe the experience. He kept my mom and myself informed and in the loop throughout. I would recommend David without hesitation to anyone looking for an awesome real estate agent!!”

     Sharon R. | Seller | East York


We think Dave is the best real estate agent in the world! 

“We sold our house with him at the end of the summer and it was a great experience. It was actually a house he had helped us buy 2 years earlier and it really made us appreciate all the thought he had put into buying it in terms of resale value.

Dave does have a team but he still does a lot of the work himself and you always deal with Dave directly, which we appreciated.

Dave was so helpful with the staging process. He brought by boxes for us to put stuff in, he organized movers and storage and he did all the staging himself, and for free! He has a great collection of artwork and furniture that he used to make our house look amazing, and he even trimmed our hedges and planted some new flowers!

Once the house was actually on the market Dave kept us updated with how many viewings were getting and what people were saying and when our house did sell we were very happy with the price!

Then, even after the close, when Dave and his team and already done more than enough to earn their commission, they were still helping us out by looking for rental units in the city we were moving to (since we sold before we bought).

We wish we could have used Dave as our agent to buy our new house outside the city and we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy in Toronto."

     amr+emily | Sellers | East York

Very simply, David Dutton is exceptional.

“He takes the time to get to know you as a person; your needs, wants, wishes and hopes for what you are looking for in a home. His knowledge and experience of the Toronto market and its vast pockets of neighbourhoods, helped me find the perfect place in an area of Toronto I had not even considered. He answered my endless number of questions at all hours of the day/night and dedicated so much energy into finding me my first place to call home. With David it felt as though I was his only client. I will forever be a life long client of David and advocate on his behalf whether you are a buyer or a seller!”

     Ashley M. | Buyer | Downtown Toronto

You didn't just want us to buy a house, you wanted us to buy a home.

“One that was just right for our family's needs. I imagine most Realtors just want to make a sale and are not all that invested in what happens after the closing date. I can't believe how much you taught us about what we needed, things that we had not considered, things that we didn't think were important or that we needed. In the end we came out of a very stressful situation, selling our condo and buying our next family home, feeling supported and informed and the best is that we now have the perfect family home that we will be in for years to come! Your support and passion made that happen!"

     jeff+leah | sellers and buyers | upper beach

From the first time I met you I knew I could trust you

“From the first time I met you I knew I could trust you and that you would make it an easy experience for me. I was right. You are professional, well informed and fun to work with. I appreciate all you have done for me and always talk wonders about you to others. I would recommend you to anyone without any hesitation. You always listened to what I wanted even though I can be impatient and want things done right away. Good things happen to good people and that is why you are so good at what you do. Continued success, I truly enjoyed our time together.”

     Melissa G. | seller | downtown toronto

We have nothing but positive things to say.

“Not only were you a pleasure to work with, but it was obvious to us that you came with a vast background of knowledge and were doing your homework and working hard to best suit our own needs and wants. We noted that you struck a great balance between encouraging us to move the process forward and go out and put the legwork in, but also giving us time and space when necessary. There were many instances where you took the initiative to go above and beyond what was required, and we really appreciate it. Everything you did was done thoroughly and done well, which was all the more helpful for first-time home buyers like ourselves. All-in-all, it was a tremendously positive experience, and we won't -- and haven't -- thought twice about recommending you.”

     andrew+Jayme | Buyers | Downtown toronto

I consider myself very lucky to have David to sell my home. 

“He knew the neighbourhood and market inside and out and guided me through what could have been a difficult process. He worked tirelessly to position and stage the house to get the maximum result. When I learned of the new mortgage rules that would be coming into effect, David was on the phone to me before I could call him! He had already spoken to mortgage brokers and bankers to fully understand the effect the rules would have on the market, and the sale of my home. I cannot thank him enough. His knowledge, attitude, energy and service made the sale as easy as possible.”

     Mark H. | Seller | Upper Beach

We couldn't have been happier to work with Dave.

“He came to us highly recommended and when we met with him in May of last year, we knew it would be a great fit. Dave helped us navigate the Toronto market and really invested in getting to know us and what we were looking for in a house. We had a lot of fun with the process and we're now living in the perfect home. Dave is excellent - we couldn't have hoped for a better realtor."

     sean+jess | buyers | East York


“As first time home buyers having an agent who was willing to go above and beyond to answer our many questions and help us navigate the intimidating Toronto real estate market was the difference between success and endless months of hunting. David was always quick to address any concerns along the way and made us feel like his top priority at all times. His commitment to getting to know us as individuals and thorough knowledge of the market was essential in helping us determine what house/neighbourhood was going to work best for us.

Now weeks after closing, David remains a part of our process as new homeowners, recommending different trades and helping us find our footing in a new space. We have already recommended David to others and won’t hesitate to continue to do so in future."

     Igor+Alison | Buyers | west queen west

Not only would I recommend David to anyone looking to buy or sell, but I would challenge you to find a better agent to work with. 

“We've been lucky enough to work with some great Real Estate agents through a few property buys and sales, and we've come across many others. Without question David Dutton is the top of the list. He goes above and beyond in his delivery of stellar service and is the best that I have worked with. Not only is David and his team highly knowledgeable, knowing the markets, areas, buys, trends and more, but he works with a great attitude and demeanor to ensure that we were completely comfortable and on board with the entire process. Ultimately he goes above and beyond with the prep he provided to our house. His keen eye knew what efforts would provide the highest return and he put in his own personal effort keeping all costs way down and maximizing our sale."

     Zaid+Saf | Sellers | Upper Beach

David, you are a dream.

“Your patience, knowledge, honesty, sense of humour and general awesome demeanor made this potentially horrid process entirely wonderful.

Mike and I went for a big walk tonight and tried to think of some constructive criticism for you… and can't think of anything. We really really loved working with you. It felt like a real partnership: you listened to us, counselled us, but ultimately let us make the decisions.

It would be our great pleasure to be able to recommend you to our friends. We're both so happy to know that our friendship will continue long past the closing date."

     Mike+Claire | Buyers | east york

We went into the competitive and sometimes daunting real estate market confidently with David on our team.

“David has excellent knowledge of our community and market trends for the area. He not only provided us with detailed and thorough information to frame our expectations for the outcome of the selling process, he also guided us from beginning to end in preparing our home to ensure we realized the best possible return on our ten-year investment. All of David's advice in terms of preparation of the house and marketing proved to be spot-on, and we were absolutely delighted with the final outcome.

Apart from being very knowledgeable, David demonstrated in all his advice and his dealings with us and others involved that he is a consummate professional who conducts himself with decency and integrity. We would recommend him without hesitation."

     dave+melissa | Sellers | leslieville

you have made a difference!

"We wish to express our deep gratitude for your guidance and experience in acquiring our "dream" country home last fall and the recent sale of our city home. Your attention to detail, advice and careful study of both country and city markets provided a result beyond our expectations.

Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime ago said you can never get the high or low. One year later, David proved this theory wrong. Every time a family member or guest enters our home and remarks, You paid what? You got what? We smile and think of David.

Your Home, Family and Friends are precious, make the Intelligent decision, make David your referral/agent."

     Jim+debbie | sellers and buyers | toronto/quinte

David was absolutely fantastic to work with.

“Throughout the journey to finding my new home, he continually went above and beyond. After the purchase of my home, I expected that David's job was done. On the contrary, David was there throughout the various stages of closing – providing valuable insight and information, dropping off helpful tools and treats to help with the move - and he continues to be an amazing resource. It's incredibly clear that David truly cares and the service and expertise he provides is invaluable.”

     Steph M. | Buyer | Leslieville

Working with David has been a great pleasure and a refreshing experience.

“He is truly a professional who cares about his clients’ needs first and is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the market, offering fresh and new perspectives on a property as a home or investment. Working with David, I have never felt pressured into signing documents or putting down an offer that I was not comfortable with. As an investor and homeowner who has personally used David to represent me, I have recommended David to friends and family for any of their real estate needs, and will continue to do so.”

     Dan S. | Buyer | Downtown Toronto

David and I are thrilled to have been able to work with you!

“Your expertise, diligence and gumption helped with the sale of my Toronto condo. When I was stressed you knew how to bring me back to earth and help me understand the goings on of the sale process, you sure do know your stuff! Once the process was complete we moved into our new home, at peace, and are ready to start our new lives in Acton, and yes it is worth the drive:). Thank you again for all your help!”


     Dave+Stephanie | Sellers | north york

We are beyond grateful

“We are beyond grateful for all your help and advice during the process of finding our new home. We both think you are awesome and will recommend you to EVERYONE!!”

     Jamie+Meaghan | Buyers | Leslieville

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave Dutton for the purchase of our first home.

“We had worked with a previous agent to look at over 50 homes in the Swansea and Kingsway areas without success. We felt great comfort in working with David. We knew that he would not allow us to purchase a home unfit for our present needs. He was patient and thorough throughout the whole home search and purchase process.

It is without reservation that we would highly recommend David to any of our friends and family looking to purchase property in the Toronto region."

     Ryan+Meghan | buyers | swansea

When we set out on our journey with Dave to find our first "family home, 

“When we set out on our journey with Dave to find our first "family homewe were both excited and nervous. Having lived in the city for the past 10 years, we were eager to move to the suburbs to have more room for our growing family. Dave helped us tremendously with both the selling of our place in the city, and finding the perfect family house for us in the suburbs. His knowledge, patience, thoughtfulness, and most of all caring, thoroughly helped us throughout the entire process. We couldn't be happier, and we owe it all to Dave. We are loving life in the "burbs" and look forward to working with you again when we search for our next dream house!!!"

     daniel+jennifer | sellers and buyers| toronto      

Dave's sense of ethics and code of professionalism are a cut above the rest.

“I was moving back to Toronto having been away for a decade. Dave took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle, the things that were important to me, now and in the future, and helped me to get to know the city again. Dave knows the pros and cons of all the neighborhoods and while he could tell you all of them, he takes the time to show them to you so you know that where you end up really is the best for you. Dave has in-depth knowledge of all the factors that go into local housing prices, understanding the sellers mind set, as well as seeing through the 'lipstick' on houses that may have a 'wow' factor but will cost money down the line.

In this crazy housing market he is a voice of reason keeping in mind your budget,
market forces, and return on investment. Even if it means not making that fast sale. I couldn't have asked for a better (or nicer) person to help guide me through such an important decision and process that can be very stressful at times. I have already recommended Dave to many of my friends and will continue to do so!"

     Sandy T. | Buyer | East York

We credit David with making our first home buying experience much more enjoyable and less stressful than we had expected.

“From our first meeting we knew that David was working in our best interests, answering all of our questions, and counselling us on features in a home that we may not need now, but would want in a few years' time. He helped us find our dream house and worked under very tight timelines to ensure our offer was accepted. His guidance through the entire process was invaluable and it is obvious he is focused on developing long-term relationships. We love our new house, but will definitely be calling David when it's time to sell, and would wholeheartedly recommend him to prospective home buyers.”

     mike+alison | buyers | leslieville

We were wide-eyed, inexperienced first-time home buyers when we met David.

“He was completely approachable and, in his altruistic manner, was keen to educate us on the nuances of buying a home in Toronto. He was never self-serving and always had our best interests at heart.

He worked diligently, tirelessly and within our modest budget to ensure that we not only found a house suitable to our needs but a home in which we could start our life together. Throughout this process, he was our market expert, our cheerleader, and our visionary. He kept us up-to-date, sustained us when we were discouraged, and would not allow us to settle for anything less than what we deserved.

Our relationship with David did not end with the exchange of keys to our new home. He continues to extend his support and periodically checks in simply to see how we are doing.

With David his genuineness is integral to his appeal. He is hip, an expert in his craft, and left us feeling that we had not only met a great agent, but made a good friend."

     Joss+Liz | Buyers | Leslieville

Dave is what a realtor should be,

“Dave is what a realtor should be, which is someone you can trust with one of the biggest purchases of your life. He knows the market trends and genuinely cares about his clients. We appreciated his organic approach, where he patiently took time in helping us discover what space worked for us and in which neighbourhood. It was a great learning experience. When you think about it, why do you hire a realtor? It’s to guide you in making the right decision. Dave did just that, and he brings passion and energy to boot. Needless to say, he exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much Dave!"

     Stephan+Alexandra | Buyers | Liberty Village

We would recommend and use David for any future real estate transactions without hesitation.

“We had the pleasure of working with David Dutton to sell our home. David not only served as a professional and informed Realtor, he also selflessly functioned as a project manager and saw us through the whole process of readying our house for sale. He was hands on, understood our needs and timeline and also took the time to ensure everything was done properly and with the least amount of disturbance to our daily lives. David understands the market and takes the time to explain the process, while keeping all the moving parts on track. His strategic marketing plan and products were also exemplary and served to promote our home in a light that ensured a very fast sale."

     Jason+Hilary | Sellers | Bowmore

David was a breath of fresh air…

“David was a breath of fresh air, after previously using an agent that we felt was not listening to what we were looking for. David was discriminating in the homes he chose for us to look at, resulting in finding the home of our dreams in less than two months, after a previous six months of looking. His manner with both us, other real estate agents and owners was so lovely, and, we were told by the other realtor (in our home buy) that Dave played a big part in getting us our home over another competing bid/agent. Finally, his knowledge base and reliability are unparalleled - he was in constant communication, always responsive, and offered information above and beyond that which we even knew to ask for.

We would (and already have) highly recommended Dave to any future home buyer - he is an absolute pleasure to work with."

     chris+sara | Buyers | midtown

A friend of ours recommended David Dutton.

“At our first meeting David surpassed all our expectations. David was enthusiastic, energetic, and very knowledgeable. He is a consummate professional and had a keen sense for choosing the right strategy to sell our home. I would recommend David to anyone who is considering buying or selling a home.”

     Gus M. | Buyer | East York

I've never met a real estate agent who genuinely cares about his clients as much as David does.

“He doesn't just want to do the next deal, he actually wants to find the right home for his clients. Throughout my purchase and sale process, David went above and beyond by delivering an impressive amount of care, thought, analysis and creativity every step of the way."

     Melanie H. | Buyer and Seller | Parkdale

David Dutton is the man!

“His energy, attention to detail and knowledge of the marketplace and Toronto neighbourhoods were instrumental in finding my dream home. David not only provides a service but challenges you to determine what you value when looking for my home. He’s a friend and has made my experience personable, enjoyable and stress free. I look forward to working with him on my next transaction and recommend him to any new home buyers/sellers. Until the next time my friend!"

     Shawn A. | Buyer | Downtown toronto

thank you!

“Without you we would never have found ourselves in this position and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get to this point. So, thank you for your constant inspiration, your many ideas, your honesty, your judgement, your ability to work out what would be right for us, your constant positivity and guidance (particularly when we felt discouraged). Of course for enabling the sale and for generally putting up with both of us. But, most importantly, thank you for your sense of fun and wit and camaraderie, which made the whole process seem way more enjoyable than it would have been without you.”

     Alan+Amanda | buyers | leslieville

We would recommend David Dutton over and over again!

“We started our house search with David Dutton in December 2013. Little did he know, but he would be working with us during one of the most transformative years in our lives as we were expecting the birth of our first child in July. The day we welcomed our son into the world was also the day that we purchased our new home. We obviously could not have done it without David; he was an immense help in re-arranging his schedule to accommodate us as there was not a lot of time to get the necessary paper work prepared while in the hospital. More importantly, David was a calming influence and a trusted advisor that allowed us to focus our attention on our new baby during a very eventful day. This was his behaviour the duration of our search. He continuously demonstrated his commitment to us as home buyers and his willingness to put our interests ahead of his own. We never felt rushed to make a decision. In preparing to bid on a house we were informed and never felt pressured to participate in a bidding war - we understood the value of the home we were looking at and this was because of David's hard work."

     dave+Marisa | buyers | west end

I trust him completely

“Working with David for the last few months I can say without hesitation that I trust him completely and have full faith that he always has his clients' best interests in mind. I know I will be calling on him when I'm ready to purchase my first home!

I recently signed a lease for a lovely unit in exactly the area that I was looking to move to. King West is an area where units get leased within a day or two of appearing on the market. David was aware of this and I owe him a huge thank you for being proactive on my behalf and helping me close this offer! My job requires a lot of travel and I was nervous that I would not find a condo by when I needed to move out of my current unit, but David assured me that we were a team and that we would find me not only a place to live, but one that met all my needs. He worked with me to understand clearly what I was looking for, ensured that I had my paperwork completed from the start so that when I was ready to sign there would be no delays, kept a close eye on the market making sure that he caught the listings that I missed (which happened once too often!), went out of his way to scope out units on my behalf when I was unavailable to do so, and most importantly, made himself available at very short notice to set up viewings and go with me to look at units."

     Shilpa M. | Buyer | King West

Dave went above and beyonf expectations at every step of the way...

“Dave's detailed, results oriented approach to real estate helped ensure that I received the highest possible price when selling my house earlier this year. Dave went above and beyond expectations at every step of the way from pre-listing valuation through to post sales wrap-up. I have since recommended Dave to two friends, both of whom used his services and raved to me about the unparalleled service that they also received."

     Rich C. | Seller | East York

Thanks for everything, Dave! You made this crazy transition far more bearable than I thought possible.

Verb: “to speak for something/ someone”
Adjective: “altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual”

Although it evokes images of fine suits & fancy shoes, there’s a reason Dutton+co chose the tagline “bespoke real estate”. Dave & his team embody both the verb and adjective definition of the term. In the selling of my house, Dave took the time to understand my needs and came up with a selling & pricing strategy that meet those demands. Any contractors he recommended to do the final fixing, staging, photography, etc were timely, affordable and great quality. In dealing with other agents and potential buyers, I was able to trust that Dave would speak honestly and with integrity on my behalf. At the end of it all, the fact that he nailed the price we targeted speaks to his understanding of the business.
And then when I was looking for a new place to live, Dave took the same approach – making sure he understood my needs & preferences … and checking in regularly to make sure he was still on the right page! When seeing houses with him, he spoke frankly, honestly & knowledgably about what he saw. Although it took a while, never did I get the impression that he just wanted to get it over & done with – he wanted to make sure I got what the place that was right for me. Through patience, persistence and a good amount of legwork, the right place with the right price became available. By the time it came to the final negotiations, I was able to trust him through the process and know that I’d walk away with the best deal.

Thanks for everything, Dave! You made this crazy transition far more bearable than I thought possible."

Derek | SELLER | leslieville